Monday, March 26, 2007

Please be Patient

Hello everyone! I'm sorry this blog has been so poorly updated recently, but with moving back here I have such little time on my hands. For those of you who read this blog often, please check back every now and then. I will try to start up again at some point but it probably won't be for another few weeks. Thanks so much for all your support!


ALI said...

another few weeks!!!?!?!?!

Deanna said...

my name is deanna. i live in colorado but am on a mission team to go somewhere in south america in a few years. we are taking our first survey trip in may to visit la paz, bolivia and temuco and concepcion, chile. i searched blogs for anything about mission work in chile and found a blog of yours from 2005 that said you were in temuco. i know that was a while ago but we are working to find contacts in these 3 cities that can help us survey the need. if you still know anyone in any of these places i would love to hear about it. you can contact me through my blog. thanks!!

Silvia E. said...

please becks, answer my e-mail.

ali said...

Umm, REBECKA!!It has been more than a month!! I cannot be patient anymore!!! Post something dammit! Can't wait to see you tom ;)