Thursday, November 23, 2006

Good bye Ali!

So this blog is coming a bit late, but I just wanted to say goodbye to a sweet heart that has been a huge part of my life here in Chile. I met Alison in March and for the last 9 months she has been like an adopted roommate. She is the New Yorker who says words like "lush" and the Jew who emlightened us with ehr perspective on the world. And now she has gone to return to New York.. :( Ali, I will miss you horribly and I expect some really long and descriptive emails, like the kind that help me get over my phobia... jeje
For the last few months she has lived in a house with a bunch of interesting characters including: the "Italian", the "Maricons" (that is a very vulgar way of saying a gay guy, ,but it was always said with affection), and more recently "Frenchie". Anyways, i have had the chance to hangout with these guys recently, particularly the gay guys and we have really hit it off. That area of town that I described earlier (Bellas Artes) is the gay area of Santiago and I am excited to have some friends who frequent that area. In fact the favorite coffee shop of these two boys is on the same block as my office! So yeah, Alison's goodbye party consisted of a taco dinner followed by dancing. Originally the idea was to go out, but the house that Ali lived in was also a dance studio, one of the gay guys teaches dance. So instead of leaving for a club, we put our glasses of wine down for a minute, turned on the black light in the dance studio, put on some old school Madonna, and let our hearts dance the night away. It was probably one of my favorite nights here in Chile.
For tonight: salsa class and maybe some wine... :)

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Ali said...

It's about time!!!!!!!!!!! jaja, jkjkj.. Miss you too Becka!!! It is freakin weird leavin the 80 degree weather and getting back to cold, rainy NY where the living room in my house looks like a nativity scene and my mom keeps the satellite radio tuned to the xmas carol station for all the waking hours of the day.. but great to see the fam and friends, but miss you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'll write ya a biggie soon, te quiero!