Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ashlee's parents

So Ashlee's parents have come out to Chile for the week and I have to admit that I feel so blessed to have them here (and not just because they brought some peanut buttercups with my name on them!). But really, I ahve known them for over 4 years and although I haven't spent huge amounts of time with them, I have seen enough to know that they are such a godly couple that I admire. They arrived on Saturday. Sunday we went to church and then out to lunch. Monday they went to school with Ashlee. Tuesday was Thanksgiving in our house (I know, it's supposed to be Thursday, but we like to do things differently down here). I will write a seperate blog about that dinner that includes photos. Yesterday I got to spend the afternoon with them. Mark, Mary Jo and I spent the day walking around Bellas Artes (including a tour of the museum) and then did some gift shopping. It was really nice to spend this time with a couple that I have admired for so long, and yet barely know from personal experience. Today they have left for ViƱa and Valpo, but are returning in time for Salsa dancing...

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Emerald said...

what's with you and peanut butter holey moley hehe, good stuff good stuff, PB is going up these days, darn inflation! gahh miss you like crazy! hmm, well i started a blog as well haha

a whole.....lot has happened yeh
hope all is well with ya sis, miss ya!