Wednesday, January 04, 2006

The heart of a woman

Have you ever met a person, or actually not really met the person but still somehow feel a lot for them. Like, someone who you don´t know well enough to really claim any friendship, but still you have heard enough about them from someone else that you feel like you know them? And then, take it a step further, have you ever felt like they were stuck in your heart? I heard about this guy a while back from a friend (and now the girls from Bible Study are laughing!), but I have never really met him and probably never will, and yet my heart feels for this person. I have prayed for them on and off for over 6 months, just praying that they are doing well and that they are desiring God more and more every day. I don´t understand why people like that are placed on our hearts and minds, but I like it. I like knowing that I am praying for someone across the world and they have no clue. Why do I like that? I don´t think I will ever understand these little pleasures of the heart. It reminds me of the verse after Jesus was born about Mary storing up all these things in her heart. In any case, it brings a smile to my face.

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